Al Nusra och sorgen efter Al Quaidaledaren

Posted on juli 2, 2015

Al Nusra fronten betonar återigen sin trohet till Al Quaida. 

Nasir al-Wuhayshi hette ledaren för Al Quaida i Jemen. Han var en gång i tiden Bin Ladins sekreterare. Han dödades vid en amerikansk drönarattack i början av juni.

Någon vecka efteråt postade Al Nusra Fronten som slåss mot både IS och Syriens president Assad ett meddelande om hur ledsna de var över Al Quaidaledarens död. Det var Nusrafrontens ledare Julani som uttalade sig.

Om man studerar vad Nusrafronten sa ser man detta:

Speech of Shaykh al Faathih, Abu Muhammad al Jawlani (May allah protect him).

In eulogy for Shaykh Abu Baseer al Wuhayshi, may Allah accept him.


From Sham of Jihad and Ribaat to Yemen of wisdom and faith.

We have received news which made our hearts tremble upon hearing it and filled them with grief, and tears filled our eyes. It was the news of the martyrdom of the Shaykh, the Mujahid, Abu Baseer Naasir al Wuhayshi, may Allah accept him.

Abu Baseer; you were mighty with your sword, true to your promise, merciful towards the Muslims, compassionate with them, having noble manners and praiseworthy character. You fought for the sake of Allah


The war has not yet laid down its burden and certainly a lot of work awaits you in Yemen and outside Yemen…So fight oh soldiers of Yemen against the enemies of Allah. Fight them in the way of the one who gives victory to the religion of Allah and have trust in Allah and His power. And offer your blood and your souls in pursuit of the hereafter.

And oh people of Yemen, oh people of wisdom and faith,  oh the supporters of Islam! Indeed the sacrifice which your sons, the Mujahideen are presenting is for no reason but to support you and for your dignity, and to bring back your honour and glory… So seek power after Allah from the Mujahideen, for they are like their righteous predecessors, patient in war, truthful in the encounter and the best of those who defend your sanctuary and preserve your lands. So be of assistance for them and their supporter, and be devoted to them and protect them, you will protect yourselves through them.

Indeed the hearts of the people of Shaam are beating with you and supporting you…

För nån vecka sen använde svenska polisen Al Nusras flagga i en övning. De övade ingripanden mot terrorattacker: För det kritiserades de hårtoch en del beskyllde dem för islamofobi på grund av det. Då kan det vara värt att påminna sig att Al Nusra är en del av Al Quaida.

Mer läsning: Al Nusra, Al Quaidas soldater i Syrien

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