Al Qaeda NOT Islamic State behind killings i Lyon?

Media worldwide are claiming that IS, Islamic State, was behind the terroristattack i Lyon. That is wrong. If one looks at the first pictures of the flags the terrorists put up at the place the trail leads to Al Qaeda, not IS.


The flags are NOT used by IS, The Islamic State.

The white flag is the flag of the caliphat, the khilafah flag. The promise of a COMING caliphat. That is why IS do NOT use it. They claim to have created the caliphat already.

The black flag is the flag of Jihad. That one is sometimes used by IS supporters but mots often not.


The flag IS uses is this one:

So if IS did not do it. Who else did?

The flags are ONLY used in by terrorists or radical extremists like Hizb Ut Tahrir. But the combination of the two flags in combination with terrorism is almost exklusively used by Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda in yemen have used it (as well as the flag IS uses). Their leader was killed in a drone-attack recently. It could have been them.

But most probably the terrorist in Lyon is connected to Al Qadea in Syria. That is Al Nusra. At least that is what the flags indicate.

Al Nusra used to be a part of the same movement as The islamic State. Up until 2014 both Al Nusra ans IS was a part of Al Qaeda. But after 2014 the two movements have been enemies to each other.

Al Nusra is the Al Qaeda in Syria, which is what I have written about in an article in Swedish. Juani, the leader of Al Nusra, warned they they might start to attack western targets in an interview recenty.

Al Nusra has also joined the alliance that Zahran Alloush and Jaysh al-Islam  formed recently Jaysh al-Islam was recently in the news because IS beheaded some of the members. They allegedly get money from Saudi Arabia.

Dies this attack mean that Al Qaeda is attacking on their own, or are they seeking a renewal of the previous alliance with the Islamic State?

The Al Nusra uses the kind of black flag seen below. With the text under the declaration of faith identifying it with Al Nusra.


Jaysh al-Islam uses this kind of flag below.

zahran alosh

With thanks to Jaafar Al Jabirir for factual checks and some more detalis on Jaysh al-Islam

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