Dossier: Yusuf Chambers

Yusuf Chambers. En nära partner till Abdur-Raheem Green. En person som har besökt de olika skandinaviska länderna regelbundet.

Från en debatt om honom 2013.

Tatchell’s campaign was prompted by an interview Chambers made with Zakir Naik, who is banned from Britain for hate preaching, where he appeared to agree gay people should be killed.

‘So homosexuality is forbidden in Islam and the punishment for homosexuality is death,’ Naik says.

‘Well JazakAllah Khair [May Allah reward you with goodness] for clearing that issue up,’ Chambers responds, ‘because I am sure many Muslims who still ponder that issue with the gay gene.’

However Chambers has said any allegations he has called for the murder of gay people are ‘libellous’.

In one video, he also sits quietly as another gay hate preacher says stoning gay people is ‘Islamic’.