The LaRouchemovement, miljöpartisten and the antisemites

Ur ett inlägg på ett forum som håller koll på vad LaRoucherörelsen gör internationellt

”Well, here in Sweden the LaRouchemovement has found new allies. I wanted to inform you about that. It is a conspiracy networks that work to create a new ”financial system”, Alternative banking. The crucial thing is that the LaRouchies here has decided to work side by side with some of the most outspoken antisemites here today.

I have been very outspoken with my past as a LaRouchie the last few years, and openly discussed my time in the cult (why keep it as a secret?). So I posted two articles about it on my blog. Here are the details.

Nätverket för bankreform

Some time ago a politician in the Environmentalist party (/and a candidate to be M.P.) started a network to promote ”an alternate banking system”, Andreas Obenius. The network can be found on Facebook here: It has hed several demonstrations over the last year, and will hold next one today (Sunday)

The speakers at the demonstration today will be these people. Ulf Sandmark is a leadning LaRouchemovement member here:

Carl Norberg, Debattör, bloggare ”Palanthir”
Henning Witte, White-TV
Ulf Sandmark, EAP
Tom Strömberg, Debattör, medlem i JAK.


Klicka för större bild

Klicka för större bild

One of the crucial first members of that network (and probably co founder) was Carl Norberg. Some say that he was the real founder of the network. Carl has been present on basicly all other public demonstrations they have held and has worked side by side with Ulf Sandmark from the LaRouchemovent.

Carl is an outspoken antisemite who regularly has collaborated with nazis from the neonaziparty here in Sweden, Svenskarnas Parti.

I wrote a long article about Carl Norberg in Swedish some time ago, where I inserted examples of his antisemitism. As you can see in the article, the first picture, he cooperates with nazis internationally too. The first picture is one where he is interviewd by a neonazi podcast.
The other examples are very obviuos. Carl talks about jews that run the world, says that jewish interest was behind the holocaust, he praises local antisemites like Ahmed Rami, he denies large parts of the holocaust. He implies that people that claims to be survivors from the nazi death camps themselves has tattooed numbers on their arms. He openly claims that the jews in where not killed with gas. He openly says that he is proud to be labeled a denier of holocaust and antisemite. Etc, etc…

The other speaker Henning Witte also implies that the jews (as well as extre terrestials) control the world. His webbsite if filled with attacks on Rotschild which owns media, the financial system, created Hamas etc, according to him. Here is a picture where he claims that Rotschild is behind the global warming.

If one looks at the list of participants at the demonstration today there are sevelar known antisemites on the list. Like Lasse Anckarman. One member of the anonymous, who probably is the person filming the events for the network, has this FB adress​ Please note that he too claims that Israel runs Hamas and ISIS and media.

Thus the laRouchemovement in Sweden is openly collaborating with people that denies the holocaust and are antisemites.
The banking network has contacts in the parliemant  where it seems like the M.P. Valter Mutt from the Environmentalist Party has collaborated with it for some time. If one looks at what the M.P says in the parliament it even seems like he has directly copied some ideas from the LaRouchemovement here.

I wrote two artciles about it that is circulating here in Sweden.

And here is the link to the demonstration they hold today:…6931/?source=1

If the demonstration is held today it will have some consequences for the Environmentalist Party. Do they tolerate that members openly cooperates with antisemites? So Ill post more detalis later on.

Greetings to you all!

/Torbjörn Jerlerup