Propalestinian photographic desinformation (trigger warning!)

This article is about propalestinian propaganda. Nowhere do I imply that I condone israelian attacks on civilians. I do not take side in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. I support the right of israel to defend itself against the antisemites in Hamas and extremists from Fatah, but not wuth any means. The end do not justify the means. This short article, however, deals with the massive amount of desinformation that fills social media and distorts the public debate about the situation in Gaza.

I made a survey recently. I picked random pictures that cirkulated on twitter in the hashtags #Gazaunderfire and #gazaunderattack. I used Google, search by image that allows you to find look for one picture on the internet and see when and where it has been published. The result was stunning. Almost all pictures on dead or wounded or crying children on social media that was said to be from Gaza ”yesterday” or this summer, did  was NOT from Gaza this summer at all. 

I found pictures from movies, from Iraq, from Syria, from Egypt and Lebanon. As well as pictures from Gaza and the Westbank that was taken years ago.

Now with the bombings, there are more pictures of real deaths, but one can wonder who initiated the massive wave of desinformation about killings and why. And why dont more people check their sources?

The son of a butcher…

Here is one example. The picture looks horrifying, right? A child mops up the remains of his family… Or?





This picture has been used for some years in the propaganda and cirkulated the net already 2012 and was proven fals already back then.


The photographer R J Stitt took the picture ”over 2 years ago  And it depicts a palestinian child that helps his father to clean up. the father is a butcher.


This picture cirkulates the net and is often accompanied with a horrifying picture of a child in great pain in the hospital. The other picture is said to have been taken some days ago.


With the help of Tineye you can identify that picture too. The first posting on the net that I could fins is frpm June 11 this year. The picture is not of a palestinian child but of a syrian child from Aleppo.



We can go on doing this. the swedish newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad published this picture on July 10 and is said to be from this summer.

hd0710 The Source is unknown but the picture is widely spread.

But pleae notice that free palestine claims it is from July 11 and the Swedish paper published it on July 10. This is an excellent picture to test in reverse image searches. I did so and…

freepalYes the children are palestinian but they were bathing 2008. Katie Wood is the photographer. 2008 not 2014.

Syria again

Here are two really horrible pictures on dead and wounded kids. They cirkulate the internet as evidence of israeli ”genocide” against the palestinians.

syria1Well, well. the picture of all the dead children is from Syria. The horrifying picture of the father and the child too.

There are REAL evidence of children that has died due to bombings by Israeli airplanes. (Here is one example that seems to be true: ) Howeever, the amount of desinformation on the internet at the moment makes it hard to discern what is truth and what is fake. It makes me wonder if the palestinian cause really gains from the distortions of truth? Would it not have been a smarter strategy to be more truthful about civilian deaths?

I do NOT support any Israeli  attacks on civilians, nor do I support the occupation. But I am, to be frank, a bit pissed off about how international media portraits Israel as the ”villain” and Palestine as the ”victime”. Hamas are terrorists and antisemites and tyrants that oppress their own people. Fatah is still antisemitic.

The desinformation that I give example of above are most probably something that Hamas have instigated. And it shows the evil of Hamas. To use the deaths of innocent syrians in their propaganda, and make it harder to investigate the REAL deaths of palestinians shows the evil of this organization.

Please look at this video from BBC too.

Please do always  check your sources!


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