C18 och Blood and Honour (artikel från 2003)

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Will Sweden stay a safe haven for nazi-terrorists?

”Kameradschaft Süd”

The day before Anna Lindh was assassinated the police raided the headquarter of a group called ”Kameradschaft Süd ”. According to media the police found notes about a planned assassination of Franz Maget, the Socialdemocratic leader of Bayern in their headquarter. It also planned attacks with bombs against different targets.

The question is why the international headquarter of that group, that is situated in Sweden, has not been raided yet.

German police has for a long time pointed to the close relationship between the ”Kameradschaften” and various international neo nazi groups like the network around ”Blood and Honour”and the group Combat 18 (C 18), that both has been banned in Germany. C 18 has done acts of terrorism before. The man that tried to assassinate French President Jacques Chirac in July 2002, Maxime Brunerie, was a member of C 18. The group’s leadership claimed responsibility for the 1999 nail bomb attacks in London, which claimed the lives of three people and injured 140 others.

In that year, 1999, the C 18 and its frontgroup, Blood and Honour, moved its headquarter to Helsingborg, in Sweden. Today the group works in freedom in Sweden and can build an army of ”National Socialist Warriors” globally.

”Violence and terror”

Combat-18 (C 18) was formed in 1992 in England by members of the British National Party (BNP). BNP is the party which was led by the notorious fascist Oswald Mosley in the 30s and to which membership belonged parts of the English aristocracy. C 18 moved to Helsingborg in Sweden in 1999, a city that sometimes by the nazis are called ”The global center of White-Power Music”. Two of their most important ideologues, the Danish citizen Marcel Schilf (now deceased) and the Norwegian-Swedish nazi Erik Blücher (alias Max Hammer, alias Erik Nielsen), lived and worked there. Erik financed the moving of C 18 with money from the sale of records. The record company Erik owned, and still owns, is called Ragnarock and it is owned by him and a gentleman by the name of Hans Himmler Pettersson.

Erik Blücher is the main ideologue for the C 18 today. He has written several books on nazi tactics for the C 18/B&H network. Some of them are public and can be found on the websites of the movement. In the chapter on violence and terror in a field manual for C18/B&H he has written the author asks how the nazi movements can unite. A loose structure is needed, he writes, that allows for joint operations as well as ”Leaderless resistance”, i.e. irregular warfare, including act like the ”Palme assassination”.

”Another famous American national revolutionary, our comrade John Metzger of WAR [White Aryan Resistance, ed.] has put it like this: ’Leaderless Resistance is a fancy title for self-starting fanatics who have adopted an ideology of racial and personal survival and prepare to carry it out by any means… Does the wolf need a membership card to stalk the deer?’

”Others see this as merely chaotic and … prefer army-like operations of the classic guerilla style with a central co-ordinator and strict leadership… I myself… [come] to the conclusion that there are both pros and cons on both sides of the argument. It would seem that the LE style is best suited for a country of USA’s size and mentality. America has a long and deep-rooted tradition of vigilante action which hardly exists in the European countries. Especially the Nordic societies are much smaller and thereby more difficult to operate in as an anonymous strikeforce. This does not mean that there have been no attempts to sabotage society through individual action in the Scandinavian countries. In Norway there have been fairly bloody attempts by lone NS wolves in the seventies and eighties, while in Sweden national revolutionary comrades who finally ended up in the prison organization Aryan Brotherhood have committed several acts of terrorism according to the theories of Leaderless Resistance. Then there was the famous case of the Swedish so-called Laser Man, who shot a long line of immigrants, killing one of them. And the murder of Marxist prime minister Olof Palme in Sweden may, or may not, have been an ultimate act of Leaderless Resistance.

”So what’s the answer? It is – as mostly in life – neither yes nor no. In some countries Leaderless Resistance is highly recommendable. In others, like Germany, it has through the dictatorial excesses of ZOG, become a must for the die-hard National Socialist. (Rote Armee Fraktion is turning into Braune Armee Fraktion right in front of the frustrated STASI officers!)”

Acts of terror and political violence

In 1998 Erik Blücher hailed the operations of Aryan Brotherhood that sent a mailbomb to the Swedish Minister of Justice. In 1999 three activists of Nationalsocialistisk Front, NSF, a political party that they support and cooperate with, killed two policemen after a failed bank robbery in Malexander. In 1999 the syndicalist journalist (and active antifascist) Bjorn Söderberg was murdered by nazis involved in the group info 14 and Blood and Honour. One of them, Hampus Hellekant worked in Nationell Ungdom and White Aryan Resistance (WAR). Another member of WAR, John Ausonius (the ”Laser man”, that used a laserguided rifle in his murderattempts), killed one immigrant and hurt several more ten years ago. At the same time the mosque in Vänersborg was burned to the ground by three arsonists that worked in the fascist Sverigedemokraterna. In 1999 two journalists were severely damaged when the car they sat in exploded, it was a car bomb. From 1998 to 2000 several immigrants were killed or hurt in arson attacks and knife attacks.

The Swedish nazis for tactical reasons slowed down their attacks in 2000. Through two more established political parties they tried to get into the parliament,, the above mentioned ”soft” fascists Sverigedemokraterna and the ”not equally soft” Nationaldemokraterna. The aim was to win votes at the national election 2002. With financial help from Le Pen the two parties got 1,4% and 0,4% in the national elections. During these elections C 18 and B&H activists constantly worked side by side with the ”respectable” fascists. After the election preparations were made for more activity in time for the EMU referendum this september.

The fascists in Nationaldemokraterna and Sverigedemokraterna claim that they are respectable and ”have nothing to do with the neonazis. What a lie! On September 6 Nationaldemokraterna, held a meeting with participants from Vlaams Bloc in Belgium and Liga Nord in Italy. It was a part of their campaign against the EMU at the referendum. 350 participants listened to speeches by the party leaders and the international guests while leftists demonstrators were throwing stones at the police and the rightwingers outside the building. Outside the buidling a wall of muscular tatooed nazis were guarding the partcipants of the meeting. The guards were to a large degree known neonazis from NSF, C 18 and B&H acted as guards!

There are however signs that the ”hardcore” nazis are beginning to resume their violent activities. In June this year two nazis involved in the Blood and Honour network was arrested for an attempted murder against a leftist The activist Björn Nord was arrested. Björn was involved earlier in the Aryan Brotherhood at the time when they sent the letterbomb to the Minister of Justice. The burning to the ground of a mosque in Malmö earlier this year is also believed to have been made by nazis.

The murder of Anna Lindh
At the C 18 website, and at the website of Info 14 , their intelligence unit, the assassination of Anna Lindh was welcomed. At the Bood and Honour sites several nazis has written things like: ”Hopefully this traitor ’politician’ died a slow death. She was nothing but a traitor to the great country of Sweden”. In the light of the preparations to assassinate politicians in Germany, one might want to ask some questions about the doings of this crowd.


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