Ytterligare fem amerikanska militärer åtalas för terrorism & planer att störta USA:s regering

För några dagar sen berättade jag om de fyra amerikanska militärer som bildat en ”anarkistmilis”, som planerade att utföra terrordåd i USA samt störta Obama och regeringen. Fyra f.d. militärer dömdes för förberedelse för terrorism och för att ha mördat några av deras egna som ansågs hota milisens arbete. Milisen beskrivs som en anarkistmilis men hade högersympatier. Igår blev det känt att ytterligare fem nu åtalas.

Igår åtalades fyra f.d. amerikanska soldater till, samt en civil för förberedelse till terrorism, och förberedelser för att mörda President Obama.

OnlineAthens skriver:

A Liberty County grand jury indicted the five on charges of illegal gang activity and various counts involving theft, burglary and auto break-ins. Those crimes were committed to help fund the militia group, which called itself F.E.A.R., short for Forever Enduring Always Ready, District Attorney Tom Durden said Tuesday.

”The burglaries and entering autos, they were committed in an effort to fund F.E.A.R. and what F.E.A.R. was at least advocating they wanted to accomplish,” said Durden, the top prosecutor for southeast Georgia’s Atlantic Judicial Circuit. Their plans included bombing a Savannah park fountain and poisoning apple crops in the state of Washington, prosecutors say.

The new indictments Monday bring to 10 the total number of people charged in connection with the militia group…

Durden said civilian authorities aren’t sure how many members the militia group had. Army officials said they weren’t surprised by the new indictments involving ex-soldiers, but they aren’t saying how large the group was either.

”We remain confident there are no unknown subjects,” Fort Stewart spokesman Kevin Larson said in a statement. ”The five individuals indicted today … were known to the investigation and were not publicly identified previously to preserve the integrity of the investigation and ongoing civilian legal proceedings.” (…)

The indictments in south Georgia charged Joiner with three home burglaries, nine car break-ins, and other thefts of items including guns, cellphones, GPS devices, bulletproof vest, a motorcycle helmet and a woman’s debit cards. Randall Dearman was also charged in two of the burglaries and the car break-ins, which all occurred within a two-day period in mid-December. Adam Dearman helped coordinate the thefts, according to the indictment. Garner was charged with receiving more than $500 worth of stolen goods from the burglaries.

Joiner answered his cellphone Tuesday but declined to discuss the case.

”I’m a proud Republican,” Joiner said. ”I will not make any comments about this on the record until I am in court.”


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