Terrorattacken i Norge: Vad fan håller Jerusalem Post på med?

Posted on juli 25, 2011


Jerusalem Post har skrivit de två mest egendomliga artiklar jag läst hittills om terrordådet i Oslo och terroristen Breivik. Först en artikel som ska beskriva Breiviks idéer men mest handlar om hans pro-Israel idéer. Sen en artikel där de säger att terrordådet till trots, så måste Norge inse att det finns en fara med mångkultur och muslimer(!).

Först läser man en artikel där Jerusalem Post går igenom Breiviks ideologi. Eller som ska föreställas vara en sådan genomgång. Och där de knappt alla nämner något om Breiviks hatfyllda syn på muslimerna, istället är det Breiviks stöd till Israel (!) som ligger i fokus.

In one passage, he lashes out at the Western media, which he accuses of unfairly focusing on the wrongdoing of Jews.

“Western Journalists again and again systematically ignore serious Muslim attacks and rather focus on the Jews,” he wrote.

Breivik also took a jab at leftwing Jews.

“Jews that support multi-culturalism today are as much of a threat to Israel and Zionism as they are to us,” he continued.

“So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists.” (…)

”this irrational fear of nationalistic doctrines is preventing us from stopping our own national/ cultural suicide as the Islamic colonization is increasing annually …You cannot defeat Islamization or halt/reverse the Islamic colonization of Western Europe without first removing the political doctrines manifested through multiculturalism/ culturalMarxism.”

Breivik did, however, note that he doesn’t hate Muslims in any fashion and that “I have had several Muslim friends over the years, some of which I still respect.” (…)

in addition, he expressed his disgust at his government’s awarding of “the Nobel peace prize to an Islamic terrorist [Arafat] and appeasers of Islam.”

Dessutom läser man i en ledare, detta:

While it is still too early to determine definitively Breivik’s precise motives, it could very well be that the attack was more pernicious – and more widespread – than the isolated act of a lunatic. Perhaps Brievik’s inexcusable act of vicious terror should serve not only as a warning that there may be more elements on the extreme Right willing to use violence to further their goals, but also as an opportunity to seriously reevaluate policies for immigrant integration in Norway and elsewhere.

While there is absolutely no justification for the sort of heinous act perpetrated this weekend in Norway, discontent with multiculturalism’s failure must not be delegitimatized or mistakenly portrayed as an opinion held by only the most extremist elements of the Right.

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel have both recently lamented the “failure of multiculturalism” in their respective countries.

Amartya Sen, the 1998 Nobel Prize laureate for welfare economics from India, has noted how terribly impractical it is to believe that the coexistence of an array of cultures in close proximity will lead to peace. Without a shared cultural foundation, no meaningful communication among diverse groups is possible, Sen has argued.

Norway, a country so oriented toward promoting peace, where the Muslim population is forecast to increase from 3 percent to 6.5% of the population by 2030, should heed Sen’s incisive analysis.

Öh, jaha… Så terrordådet var fel, men Norge borde omvärdera sin intergrationspolitik genom att göra exakt det som Breivik vill att Norge ska göra. Utan att skriva det rakt ut verkar de nästan säga att Breivik hade rätt (!).


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