The difference between islamophobia, and hatred!

I am critical of Islam. I am very critical about many other groups: Christians, Jews, Atheistist, Socialdemocrats and others. There is nothing wrong with critique. I dont even mind about people calling themselves islamophobes. You should off course have the right to be afraid of religions and to express that view in public. What I am afraid of is HATRED.

Radical islamophobia is actually a better concept to describe the networks that now is being debated in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Norway.

Phobias is fear. Hatred is hatred. Somtimes it combines but not always.

The difference between hatred and phobia is GENERALIZATION.

Do you assume that ALL persons of a group, and the WHOLE culture, somehow are ”evil” or not? If you do not assume this you, then you know the diference between hatred and phobia.

Thus we have a situation where extreme islamistic groups view themselves as fighters in war, and where extreme antiislamistic groups view themselves in a similar way. Both view the enemy as a collective. The extreme islamists view the west as evil, and thus all westerners too, and the extreme antiislamist view all muslims as evil.

Not all radical islamists are murderers, neither are all radical antiislamists murderers. But all those that with the use of generalization claim that islam is ”nazi” and that thus muslims are nazis, are participating in the spread of HATRED! A hatred that in the end creates situations like 9/11 and the attacks by Breivik!

I am liberal. So the last thing I want to do is to limit the freedom of speech. Prohibition is not the solution. As a matter of fact it would in the long run be of HELP to those that spread hatred. The way to fight hatred is, as Stoltenberg said, DEMOCRACY, OPENNESS and FREEDOM! 


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