Abbotabbad is the Westpoint of Pakistan (Osama Bin Laden and the USA)

Posted on maj 4, 2011


Imagine that Osama bin Laden had ”hidden” for 5 years,  only 700 meters (one block) away from the US Military Academy at Westpoint, a town filled with soldiers, and where every suspicious house in the neighborood of the Academy is controlled due to the treath from terrorists and foreign spies. 

General Petraeus at Abbotabbad

Sounds strange? Well, it is equally strange that Osama picked Abbotabbad as residence after September 11.

Abbotabbad is not just ”anyplace”… Abbotabbad is the center for the Pakistani Military Academy. It also happens to be the town where the Pakistani Military Academy is situated and one of the KEY centers of the US war against terrorism.

The town is FILLED with Pakistani soldiers. It also happens to be a place wellguarded town because the Pakistanis are on constant guard to protect the town from Indian agents and ”terrorists”.

We can read the following:

“I think it is a failure of our intelligence – the fact that he can hang around in Abbottabad for so long and we didn’t know,” says Zafar Hillay, a former diplomat.  According to CS Monitor, Ramesh Chopra, a former chief of Indian military intelligence who was born in Abbottabad, says ”any military conducts sweeps of areas and would know its own back yard.” Chopra believes that Pakistan’s establishment must have been protecting bin-Laden.

Obviously any house in Abbotabbad with huge fences and where the inhabitants show a suspicios behavior (like burning their trash) would be searched by the authoritites! Especially if it was situated 700 meters away from the academy.

Other suspected terrorists have been caught in Abbotabbad, so the military is on high alert there!

Thus: the Pakistanis knew or should have known!

The US?

But why did not the Americans know about it? Or did they?

Or what?

Abbotabbad is one of the key centers for the US war on terrorism. Thousands, of US soldiers have visited, Abbotabbad during the five years Osama supposedly lived there, and trained there, and have lived there…

Even some of the leaders of the war against Osama, as Defense Secretary Robert Gates and General David Petraeus, have visited Pakistan Military Academy, January and February of 2010. The picture next to this article has the caption: ”Gen. Petraeus shakes hands with officer training instructors at the Pakistani Military Academy, Feb 24, in Kakul near Abbottabad in the Northwest Frontier of Province, Pakistan.”

Pakistan and the USA has cooperated ever since the beginning of the Afghan war, in 1979, and even before. In the 80:s the strategy from both parts was to send aid to the islamic fundamentalists, the mujahideen, that fought against the Soviets. One of their allies was Osama Bin Laden. Pakistan and USA has cooperated side by side in the fight against Al Quaida and Osama since 2001 too. Thus Pakistan receives LOTS of MILITARY aid from the USA, as you can read here, here and here.

The attack on the Osama compound went on for 40 minutes and the soldiers at the academy 700 meters away did not attack the US soldiers. That tells us  that the pakistanis knew about the attack in advance. (Remember that Pakistan regards India as a treath so normally they would have reacted to shooting with FORCE! I.e., they knew that it was not an attack from India or terrorists, it was the Americans!)

As usual, the official story is filled with paradoxes, lies and problematic half truths! It stinks! Either the Americans and the Pakistanis KNEW where Osama was hiding, and allowed it, or the Pakistanis only knew about it, In either case it is a GREAT scandal. The alternative is that the military leadership in the USA AND the Pakistan did not know about it… And, to be honest, that is even more frightening to me. Is the world led by a bunch of ignorant fools?

What do you believe?


As Gulf News reveals other Al Quaida top executives has been hiding in Abbotabbad!

The home is in a town which has been the address of another senior Al Qaida member, an Indonesian terror suspect, and an Al Qaida courier.

Al Qaida’s No. 3, Abu Faraj Al Libi, lived in the town before his arrest in 2005 elsewhere in northwest Pakistan, according to US and Pakistani officials.

Earlier this year, Indonesian terror suspect Umar Patek was nabbed at a house in the town following the arrest of an Al Qaida courier who worked at the post office. It is not clear whether Patek had any links with Bin Laden.


(Läs SVD om att USA hade trupper nära Bin Ladens hus 2008) Samt ”four helicopters would never have reached Abbotabbad without being attacked…” Läs även GULF NEWS.

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