Louis Vuitton handbags and corprate bullying!

Posted on mars 10, 2011


Ni missade väl inte artikeln i DN för nån dag sen om Nadia Plesner som stäms av Louis Vutton för att hon avbildat på en MÅLNING en Louis Vuitton väska? Läs annars DN-artikeln här!

Louis Vuitton Handbags

Louis Vuitton handbags and Darfur

Plesners målning är både provokativ, gränstänjande och politisk. Sånt gillar jag.

Givetvis ska detta spridas så det syns så mycket som möjligt överallt på nätet!

Truly Therese har en bra artikel som jag gärna citerar här:

Louis Vuitton is suing an artist for 15 000 Euro a day, because she depicted one of their hand bags in a T-shirt print. The artist, a danish student called Nadia Plesner figured that if designer items and chihuaua dogs work as brand building for Paris Hilton, then why not use those symbols to attract attention to the poverty in Africa.  All revenue from the T-shirt sales went straight to purchasing medical equipment for the starving people in Darfur. After more than 2 months, when legal claims had reached more than 200 000 Euro, art student Nadia Plesner finally decided to stop selling the T-shirt. But she didn’t give up that easily:

If I placed the boy with the hand bag in an oil painting, instead of in a ”commercial product” then Louis Vuitton wouldn’t regard is as copyright, says Nadia Plesner.

It took Nadia 14 months to finish the 32 square metre oil painting in which both Barack Obama and Britney Spears appear.

When I came home from the art exhibit, there was a letter on the door mat. Louis Vuitton were suing me for 5.000 euro for each day that the painting was publicly displayed.

Swedish media has been trying to reach Lous Vuitton’s PR agent in Sweden called Rosanna Mariano PR but she is declining a commentary. A fellow swede ”liked” Lous Vuitton’s Facebook page to be able to post a comment. But within 5 minutes the post had been deleted by the page administrator.

Här är en liten bloggvägg till olika andra som skrivit om detta. Länka gärna vidare.


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Eller besök Nadias egen hemsida:  The Nadia Plesner Foundation.

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