Jag är Wikileaks!

Jag lägger ut två dokument till från Wikileaks idag igen med motiveringen: ”jag är Wikileaks”. Gör samma sak i din blogg, eller starta en ny och gör det där!

Här är en lista över speglar till Wikileaks.

Dessutom, lite Blogg-lovin: Lars-Erick, Farmor Gun, Opassande, Nikke Lindqvist, Amanda Brihed, Scaber Nestor som lagt in ett Wikileaks dokument ,  SvdDNTokmoderatenZaramisFalkvingeABSvdDNHAXRöda BergetBeelzebjörnOpassandeDNDNGothbarbieAnna TrobergAnna,  ABDNFilippucogito, Ekdahl, HAX, Odsvall, Gajditza, ingsoc, Nemokrati, Bibbi, Aftonbladet, AB, Olof B

Viewing cable 09STOCKHOLM194, SWEDEN: CI/KR RESPONSE FOR S/CTIf you are new to these pages, please read an introduction on the structure of a cable as well as how to discuss them with others. See also the FAQsReference ID Created Released Classification Origin09STOCKHOLM194 2009-03-20 13:01 2010-12-05 17:05 SECRET Embassy StockholmVZCZCXYZ0008PP RUEHWEB
E.O. 12958:  DECL: 03/20/2019 TAG PTER, PGOV, ASEC, EFIN, ENRG, KCIP, SW
Classified By: CDA  Robert Silverman for reasons: 1/4 (B), (D), (E), and (G)
¶1. (S) In  response to reftel, post would like to add Sweden’s communications  infrastructure to the CI/KR list.  Although Sweden does not posses a  direct undersea cable from the U.S.,Sweden is a central European  communications hub.  For example, Swedish company TeliaSonera is an  international carrier that owns and manages 43,000 km of fiber optic  cable linking Russia and the Baltics to the rest of Europe and the U.S.   If these lines of communications were to be destroyed, disrupted, or  exploited, it may compromise global communications.
¶2. (S) Post  recommends keeping Swedish pharmaceutical manufacturing company Recip AB  on the CI/KR list for its production of ThyroSafe (potassium iodide).   This resource provides protection in the aftermath of a nuclear  emergency. ThyroSafe is the only FDA approved 65 mg potassium iodide  tablet used to protect the thyroid gland against radioactive iodine  released during a nuclear emergency. SILVERMAN


Viewing cable 08BERLIN643, s) germany requests information concerning
If you are new to these pages, please read an introduction on the structure of a cable as well as how to discuss them with others. See also the FAQs Reference ID Created Released Classification Origin08BERLIN643 2008-05-16 10:10 2010-12-05 12:12 SECRET Embassy BerlinAppears in these articles:http://www.spiegel.deVZCZCXRO6021PP RUEHDEDE RUEHRL #0643 1371014ZNY SSSSS ZZHP 161014Z MAY 08FM AMEMBASSY BERLINTO RUEHC/SECSTATE WASHDC PRIORITY 1230INFO RUCNFRG/FRG COLLECTIVERUEHAD/AMEMBASSY ABU DHABI 0151RUEHBM/AMEMBASSY BUCHAREST 0195RUEHVB/AMEMBASSY ZAGREB 0154RUEHDE/AMCONSUL DUBAI 0105 S e c r e t berlin 000643
Sipdis, isn/mtr, eur/ags and eur/pra
E.o. 12958: decl: 05/16/2033Tags: parm, prel, ettc, mtcre, ksca, ir, gmSubject: (s) germany requests information concerningiranian procurement of xxxxxxxxxxxx test chamber
Ref: a. 07 state 75839b. State 15220c. Berlin 195d. State 40087e. Berlin 511
Classified By: Glbal Affairs Unit Chief Don L. Brown forreasons 14 (b) and (d).
¶1. (u) this is an action request. Please see para 5.
¶2. (S) On May 13, MFA Export Control Division Desk OfficerWiebke Wacker provided Global Affairs Oficer with aGerman-language nonpaper requesting nformation from U.S.concerning an Iranian natioal, xxxxxxxxxxxx, in connection with the Iranianprocurement of a German origin environmental test chamberfrom the firm xxxxxxxxxxxx. In support of acurrent investigation, the Germans are specificallyinterested in knowing whether the USG has any informationindicating that xxxxxxxxxxxx was aware that the Iranianfirm Shahid Bakeri Industrial Group (SBIG) would be theactual end-user of the environmental test chamber.
¶3. (S) In a May 5 meeting, Wacker provided Global AffairsOfficer with further background information concerning thisinformation request. According to the German Customs Officeof Criminal Investigation (Zollkriminalamt, or ZKA), Wackersaid, xxxxxxxxxxxx was confronted (and possibly detained)by U.S. authorities in February 2008 while applying for avisa at AmConGen Dubai. Wacker said the ZKA has assessedthat information concerning xxxxxxxxxxxx business contacts withxxxxxxxxxxxx is a critical piece of evidence needed tosupport the ZKA’s ongoing investigation into xxxxxxxxxxxxand Iranian efforts to procure an environmentalchamber from xxxxxxxxxxxx.
¶4. (S) Begin informal Embassy translation of German-languagenonpaper:
With reference to the Non-Papers from June 1, 2007, August 3,2007, December 18, 2007, February 15, 2008, and April 21,2008 regarding the procurement of an environmental testchamber by the Iranian xxxxxxxxxxxx from the German xxxxxxxxxxxx via Romania and Croatia, we take this opportunityto ask the U.S. authorities about the following points:
The German export control authorities have learned thatxxxxxxxxxxxx was approached by U.S. authorities aboutthese matters. Because the German authorities have alsoundertaken investigative measures, we are interested ininformation concerning the results of these conversations.
The U.S. authorities reported in their Non Paper from April21, 2008, that the Iranian firm SBIG is the actual intendedrecipient of the test chamber. The German export controlauthorities are accordingly interested in knowing whether theGerman citizen xxxxxxxxxxxx had knowledge of thisend-user.
We thank you for the information in connection with theSBIG’s procurement attempts and we look forward to continuingour excellent cooperation in the area of export controls.
End text of informal Embassy translation.
¶5. (SBU) ACTION REQUEST: Post requests Department guidancein responding to the questions posed in the German nonpaper.Timken jr



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  1. Den instruktionen var bra.

    Lite överkurs för mig dock (det är därför jag valt detta med dokumenten) men har spridit länken till de andra Liberaldemokraterna.


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