Are the nazis behind the mob against Anna Ardin?

This is something I have hesitated to write about, but now I have to write the story! I can do it because the story, and the name of the woman I will write about, now circulates on the internet.

When the founder of Wikileaks recently visited Sweden he was accused of being a rapist. According to Expressen, he sexually harassed a woman in Södermalm, Stockholm. Some time later, he supposedly raped another woman in Enköping.

This article does not deal with the accusations against Assange, but with the mob that now claims that Anna Ardin is one of the women behind the accusations (and that of course claims that she is an agent of the CIA).

Whether she is one of the women that went to the police and that revealed the things that made the police accuse Assange of sexual harassment and rape, I dont know. But I DO KNOW that Swedish nazis and rightwing extremists were the first once to claim that Anna Ardin is one of these two women. And that is strange. Something is rotten in the mobbosphere!

Why did they do that?

Swedish nazis and rightwing groups has for some time been very angry at the Christian Socialdemocrats, Broderskapsrörelsen, that has started to work with Swedish muslims. Last week it published a new magazine, ”Islam”. On this pressrelease one can read that Ardin is the project leader.

The magazine can be read here, on page two is her name and the title ”leader of the project”.

Swedish rightwing groups and nazis indicated well before last week, that they were to start some kind of campaign against Broderskapsrörelsen and the new magazine. Different rightwing blogs talked about this the weeks before the magazine was made public. And the very week that the magazin was published the campaign the mob against Anna was unleached, and the nazi-opponents of the magazin she is responsible for, were the first once to write about it. An accident? hardly!

Anna Ardin has witten many POSITIVE ARTICLES about islam on her blog during the recent years and has been a public opponent of Sverigedemokraterna, a rightwing party ANTI-MUSLIM party, that probably will enter the parliament this year. And she has been much hated for this. ( As can be seen in this google search. )

Gotiska klubben

The mob against Anna Ardin was started on (här, här, här, här, ) but it was made public first at this right-wing extremist blog:

If you look at the blog you will find that it attacks jews, and it is also very hateful against islam.

So now the internet globally is filled with hate against the woman that according to the mob has ”accused Assange of being a rapist”.

Ardin is hated in Sweden because of her work with womens rights too, and right wing extremists were the first once to claim that she has ”accused the wikileaks founder of being a rapist, because of her views of feminism and womens rights.

I dont know anything about the accusations against Assange. I know that celebrities such as him has raped women before (but I do also know that intelligence services has used women to destroy the lifes of people before).


Everyone has the right to be ”innocent until proven guilty”, Anna Ardin too! Please remember that!

And mob-rule is always WRONG!


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35 tankar om “Are the nazis behind the mob against Anna Ardin?

  1. Hear hear!

    Let’s not forget that initially the mob tried to put the AA label on the Pirate Party MEP-to-be Amelia Andersdotter. 🙂

    Her, now almost famous, twitter comment was ”I did /not/ have sex with that man”.

    Cool it guys and gals, eventually the truth WILL prevail!

  2. Dan.

    In this case rightwing extremist were the first once to publish the claims about Ardin. And the blog Gotiska klubben is anti-jewish as well as anti-islam and links to a whole bunch of xemophobic sites!

  3. @Dan Eriksson

    Have you actually read the linked blog to any extent? Can you describe the effective difference between the views espoused there and the ideology of nazi organizations i.e. Svenskarnas Parti or Svenska Motståndsrörelsen? Aside from the general low brow thuggishness of SvP or SMR, I think you will find they are quite similar…

  4. I’ve actually followed ”Gotiska klubben” for a few months, and I would rather classify them as traditionalist, conservative or national democrats.

    I have for example not found any real criticism of democracy or any signs of being pro corporatism, wich i would say is sort of a foundation for national socialism.

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  6. I believe ”G” is refering to the fact that nazis and islam have been allies since ww2.. and that several modern nazi-organisations like Islam, the ”national democrats” included. And why wouldn’t they? After all, both islam and nazism want the jews to be exterminated. So it’s not such a big surprise that they’d like one another.

    btw.. why is this in english?

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  8. ”Well… Traditionalism balances on the verge of nazi-ideas. Just look at all those that denies that the holocaust took place!”

    Traditionalism have nothing to do with holocaust denial. Please try to show at least a minimum of intellectual honesty, if its possible for you. Its simple: You can find lawyers or doctors who deny the holocaust, but that doesnt make the law or medicine into subjects where the holocaust is denied.
    Dont use concepts you don´t understand. It makes you look foolish.

  9. None of the great Traditionalist thinkers have denied the Holocaust, as far as I know. I don´t think even Julius Evola did that, even though he liked to provoke the bourgeoise. Robert Faurisson is a professor of literature, but I dont think there are many professors of literature who deny the holocaust. They usually study literature and the Tradionalists study the great spiritual traditions of the world.
    But I´m using the word in a specific sense. You might call for example Pat Buchanan a kind of traditionalist too, if its used in a broader sense. But I dont think he has denied the holocaust either.
    The point is that holocaust denial is a sport certain dissident historians like to practice. Traditionalism is something else. You can play football and deny the holocaust too. Or collect stamps and deny the holocaust.

  10. Det är inte precis paranoida konspirationsteorier jerlerup lider brist på.
    Det hade varit mer klädsamt om piraterna hade röjd ut bland de pedofilvänliga persongalleri där verkar finnas i och kring PP.

  11. From The Guardian:
    One of two women involved told Aftonbladet in an interview published today that she had never intended Assange to be charged with rape. She was quoted as saying: ”It is quite wrong that we were afraid of him. He is not violent and I do not feel threatened by him.”

    Speaking anonymously, she said each had had voluntary relations with Assange: ”The responsibility for what happened to me and the other girl lies with a man who had attitude problems with women.”

    Sources close to the woman said that issues arose during the relationships about Assange’s willingness to use condoms.

    Just wonder if The Guardian are Nazis too?

  12. Oh, damn, busted. Ok, we admit it! We, the secret underground swedish nazis have been experimenting with mediums and mindcontrol ever since the sixties. Only now have we perfected our techniques and decided to try them out on the despicable little queer looking man and this wicked socialist.

    20 of us met in a barn outside stockholm and held hands and chanted together and first succeeded in mindcontroling JA and made him stupid enough to have sex with a crazed feminist, in lala land to boot.

    Then we doubled our our efforts and the pitch of our chanting and clasped our hands even tighter and succeeded in convincing said crazed feminist in filing an official complaint about JAs criminally stupid behaviour and to plant her story with her old employer GP-Expressen. And just as our superminds calculated, its blowing up in their face.

    Alas, however, our plan has now backfired because our superduper secret mindcontrol weapon has been exposed prematurely on the blog of our archenemies blogg! This superhumanly cunning knight in shining armour will obviously hound us to extinction. What to do, what to do?

    There is still hope however, we gathered and used our superweapon again on the owner of said blog and convinced him to make a totally preposterous and pathetic post about this incident. We think that we have now forced him to scuttle his own credibility until the end of time so we have good hopes for the future that our secret might still be safe.
    The end 😀

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  14. what a piece of shit .Now the name of anna ardin is becoming in all the world a symbol of perfidy ,of stupidity and madness.but not only the single one/IN fra

  15. Anna Ardin should not be hated so much as the ambiguous legal definitions of molestation in the Swiss legal system. The only thing clear about it is that me and many of my good friends would be considered criminials under those laws for things that are not illegal anywhere else in the world.

    The thing I am curious about is why Assange chose to touch her in the first place. I was in Denmark recently and made my way into Sweden. The majority of the women I met over there were far more physically attractive than Ardin, whose waistline and jawbone are considerably wider than the norm for that part of the world. I mean, Ardin is not unattractive, she is just huskier in the places that matter. Her hips come out a bit too much, her eyes are heavy set and her jawbone makes her look a little too manyly. She lacks that northern slim look that a lot of other women possess. Assange could have done much better.

    I mean, I could understand this better if he actually raped her, because rapists have sick fetishes and do terrible things to people regardless of what they look like. Their drives are not so much based on attraction but more about power. But somehow this happened consentually. I wonder if Ardin has sex with every notable person who she comes in contact with? One possible way this could have played out would be for her to be the sexual aggressor, and he failed to conform to her strict codes in a way that makes this an actual crime. It would explain a lot.

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